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Apotheosis Jones (AKA SIN)

What can you say about Sin … well he comes from Ireland, or so the story goes. he then spent some time in Baltimore. Then there was some other stuff that led to terrible decisions like chainmail sales person … but dont judge it was the early 2000’s we all had our problems! then finally like a prophecy or at the very least a free taco for no reason, he landed the job of a lifetime! and that’s what yer gonna get lad/lass the weirdest sales person in this land!

Becca-Administrative Officer and Sales Rep.

Hello, my name is Becca!

I have been working as an Administrative Officer for 7 years. 

In my free time, I enjoy music and love to play the keyboard with some bands in the Pittsburgh area. I also love spending time with my kid, playing games and enjoying quality time, when not at conventions for the studio.



There are some that say that maddi was bathed in the blood of a 16 year old virgin … but that is ridiculous … where would you find one of those! all of that being said some eldritch magic is most certainly responsible for her perpetual 16 year old age! But her unnatural age aside, she was caught in a perpetual hell of butterflies and banking till she “killed” her old masters and joined forces with Studio de Sade for the good of all humanity!



Master of games, Troy’s knowledge of scifi and fantasy pop culture is second to none! So who else would we have printing the art! Sure it can be daunting to be corrected on the importance of the naicell length of the original series enterprise but, we all know how important that sort of detail is to the average trekkie! so when you are impressed it is most likely the doing of our resident savant!



Originally a Wisconsinite, Nora moved to Columbus, Ohio in 2014. At the studio, you may find her sipping a mug of tea that she never manages to completely finish while blasting Ben Folds, The Dandy Warhols, Lennings, Laurie Anderson, or “old-school” P!nk as she prepares art prints between shows. If you were to ask her, she’d call herself an “art librarian,” (somewhat facetiously) but you may occasionally see her on the road helping out on location as well.

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