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  • Can Nigel come to [insert convention here]
    Maybe, If you want Nigel to be a guest at a convention you are a part of, Please email | if this is just an inquiry about Nigel coming to your favorite convention use we are always looking for more shows to be a part of! 

  • where can I buy frames?
    We get a lot of our frames from amazon follow this link to see our picks for frames! 

  • on some of the prints I see it's labeled as "solo edition" what is that?
    Solo Editions are discontinued sizes we still have available in stock currently, but once they are gone prints in those sizes will be much more limited. 

  • Some of the prints are out of stock. How can I have one of those prints?
    so the out of stock prints are mostly discontinued pieces of the studio. there is a button on each of these that say request. just click the button and let us know. your wish is our command with these prints. we will send you an email letting you know the print of your dreams is back.

  • where is the studio based out of?
    we are based out of Columbus, Ohio and Lucca, Italy 

  • i want a lot of prints do you offer a coupon code or any discounts?
    We do! We offer quantity discounts. use coupon code Buy3 for buy 2 get 1 free!  wanting more than 3 prints? we can still help with that send us a chat and we will send you a code. we want to help decorate you/your friends/your families homes. 

  • Does Nigel take commissions? 
    Commissions are currently closed at this time. keep checking back! 

  • Do you have a mailing list?
    we are working on putting together a mailing list for all of your art needs and wants. keep an eye out while we put it all together.

  • I want to support the studio what is the best way to do this? 
    buy buying the art of course, but if you are wanting more than just prints go to our patreon and sign up there for all kinds of goodies!

  • What if my package gets damaged during shipping?
    Unfortunately, once a shipment leaves the studio it becomes the responsibility of the shipping carrier. you can file a Usps claim here or a ups claim here. we can however provide you with a one time, 50% off code for replacement order which we can provide upon request. just message us here on the website or email

have other questions? Send us a chat! we will answer as soon as we can! 

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