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Path of the Hero's Shade

Path of the Hero's Shade

The Triforce (Legend of Zelda)

This piece I used elements from the Legend of Zelda games to symbolize the pieces of the triforce.
For Courage (Bottom right) I used Navi, the fairy that started Link's adventure in Ocarina of time.
For Wisdom (Bottom Left) I used the Eye of Truth, a recurring symbol belonging the the Sheikah, a race of Shadow Folk in Legend of Zelda.
For Power (Top) I used Majora's Mask, a Mask believed to have the power to destroy the world.

Together they represent the life of Link in the Ocarina of Time timeline, starting with the beginning of his Adventure (Navi), the adventure itself (the Eye of Truth), and finally his death and his adventure leading to him accepting his death (Majora's Mask). This is a recurring cycle in Legend of Zelda where a Hero is born, a reincarnation of the original Hero of Time and inevitably follows the same path of heroism as seen before, hence the cycle loops.